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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Young AND Old

I had brunch the other day to celebrate a friend’s birthday. As we visited, topics ranged from teasing, spouses’ recent surgery, wrinkles (character marks), big noses, cut off fingers (I have one)……. Our ages ranged from 23 to 54 years old.

Eventually someone commented that the younger women in our church group didn’t want to be with us because we were “older”.

WHAT? I exclaimed. I found this hard to believe. I realize I am “older” when I look in the mirror. In spite of what is reflected back to me, I also see myself as multi-talented, funny, and resourceful and someone that most people would want to be with.

I have come to believe this about myself in my “mature” years. This realization has been one of the benefits of aging for me. Over the years, my confidence has grown with my experiences and I recognize my strengths in many ways. I purposefully decided in my younger years to focus on “what was good about me” rather than on what was “not so good”. There seemed to be enough input for the negative that I decided I didn’t need to add to the pot.

So, Young or Old, we can all be friends. I learn from you and you learn from me.

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