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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Friday was busy—nothing new. Adding to the items that needed attention was a call coming in from a young woman interested in placing a 2 ½ year old son for adoption. This is an unusual request and I needed to find a foster home before I could pick up the little boy on Saturday. After many phone calls, I was able to make the necessary arrangements and prepare for tomorrow.

On Saturday, I received the phone call from mom again, with directions to her temporary home. When I arrived, I found a young family: mom (daughter from previous relationship, son from “rape”) and husband with an 11 month old they share. Life had become complicated and mom believed she wasn’t able to give her son the love and stable family she wanted him to have. She tried to bond, but didn’t feel she was able to love him in the same way as she loved her other children. She felt guilty about this. We talked, filled out the paperwork and planned to meet after the weekend. I wanted to give her some time away from her son before making any final decisions.

The person having the hardest time was older sister. She cried and cried saying, “I don’t want him to leave”. This brought tears to mom’s eyes. Mom asked me if “Jake” knew what was going on because she said he just seemed to know he was leaving and was calm about it. Sister eventually calmed and occasionally asks mom about “Jake”.

I drove “Jake” to a church to wait for a ride to his temporary home. He didn’t fuss at all on the drive and quickly fell asleep until we arrived at the church. While we waited for his next ride to arrive, we ran and played outside—having lots of fun. He is a beautiful child.

I have had several calls from mom since the time “Jake” and I left. She has been concerned about how he is doing. I was able to report that he is doing great. He is temporarily staying with a family that has 4 little boys. He loves the boys, toys and trampoline. Foster Mom said he seemed to like the routine: bath, PJ’s, bedtime story and quickly went to sleep. He slept through the night except when he got cold when he kicked off his covers.

On Saturday, mom asked me if “Jake” would be messed up because of an adoption. I told her I could not answer this, but hoped that wouldn’t be the case. I hope that Heavenly Father will help “Jake”, his sister, mother and future family. I believe in MIRACLE.

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