Sunday, April 18, 2010


Marci came to group last week. She helped us make a paper box from card stock. We decorated it card stock. We hope to eventually fill it with inspiration quotes to be read through the year. Please feel free to share your favorite QUOTES with us to add to the box. Send them to:

Seattle Birthmothers on facebook

I wish there was a way that I could connect to all the girls that I have known over the 20 years. I would love to invite all of them to our second BirthMother day---Saturday before Mother's Day.


Thanks to my daughter, I was able to hook my blog up to my facebook account. I hope that is not too distracting to people. I thought perhaps I could get some "readers".

Tara and I have been working on the BirthMother Binder to be given girls new to the program. Tara has done most of the work----I just "stupervise". We are excited to have it completed.

We also bought some supplies for the new "birthmother" wall that we hope to have complete before BirthMother day.
Calling all girls----we are hoping to display your talents on the wall
We will also be adding out first quilt, once it is finished. We will be doing a little painting as well. Tara and I hope to find some interest in creating the decor.

When Tara and I work together, we seem to get more ideas than we know what to do with. Tara brought in a note pad that said Brilliant Ideas. I keep it on my desk so we can write down some of our future intentions.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I read an article in Reader's Digest called "Life is better with a gratitude attitude". The author decided to be aware of expressing gratitude for a month. I think that making a decision to change/add a behavior is the best way to start---making the decision. Of course, one would need to follow-up and do something to activate the decision. There are rewards in having a "gratitude attitude". Not only does one uplift another when sharing gratitude, the expresser also feels better for focusing on what is positive.

3 Easy Ways to "Tune up your Tude"

1. Visualize it--make a poster (a positive example to others)
leave post-it notes on the gratitude tree (on the refrigerator)

2. Ask:
What have I received from ___________?
What have I given ____________?
What troubles have I caused __________?
In other words---think about the "other" instead of yourself.

3. Pick a day a week to focus on Gratitude.

Happy Easter

Just as seasons change, so do things continue to change at the office. As Tara and I were driving to Michael's to pick up some supplies for BirthMother Day, she commented, "I can't believe all that we have done for the program in such a short time. I agreed.

Since April of last year (2009), we have had the goal in mind, "how do we improve".

1. We have prepared and started doing Adoption Education power point classes for adoptive couples. All new couples are required to have 10 hours of adoption education. We have 2 classes that specifically help them to understand what a birthmother might be experiencing. Look at the office blog for more info. We do the classes once a month in the evening. In March, we invited birthmothers to come and meet with couples that wanted help with their profile. All that participated thought it was a great chance for us all to get acquainted.

2. We have a "BirthMother" binder that each new girl will receive when she comes into the program. Tara has created some pages that encourage future planning, birth certificate place, photos, preparing for face to face, how to choose a couple and more. We are encouraging girls to decorate and personalize their binder. We see this as a way to prepare for the grief that will come and empower the girls.

3. We will be starting the BirthMother quilt this month and adding new squares each year to build a new quilt.

4. We started the BirthMother scrap book at the last retreat and invite girls to create a page for future girls to see.

5. We are inviting BirthMothers to be a "buddy" for future girls and provide support.

6. We have a BirthMother on the FSA board.

7. I have been working more and more with FSA in order to strengthen the program and bring BirthMothers into the organization.

8. We are continue to encourage girls to be involved to help with future ideas.

9. We developed and launched the "High School Adoption Outreach" power point---one of the programs to tell the world that adoption is a good option.

10. Tara has prepared a BirthMother and Adoptive Couple reading list

11. We revamped the paperwork process in the office.

12. I have several missionary sisters that help me in the office. With their help, I am more able to manage the load and give couples more personal service.

13. We have an Adoption Secretary who strives to keep things organized and make my work easier.

14. We have a weekly Adoption Planning meeting that we decided to call "the weekly Hub Bub", named after the office blog.

That is all that I can recall at this time.

I hope that anyone reading this blog will feel inspired and want to get involved to further the Adoption Option in the future. I can tell you that the hearts and minds of Tara and Tawnia are on BirthMothers and Adoption. Although this responsibility if stressful, we strive to help our sisters. Tara and I are surprised at the ideas that come to us through the days that we work together. (Tara comes in 2 days a week.)

Please facebook, email or call if you want to be more involved.