Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Ashley had her baby last Wednesday. A beautiful baby girl—7 pounds 14 ounces. She was fortunate to have a dula help her through delivery and follow-up. Ashley had a firm decision to place and then the baby was born. This is always a difficult time. Girls are torn between the decision they believe is best for the baby and their desires to be with their child.

Ashley checked out of the hospital on Thursday and spent the night with the baby at a friend’s home. On Friday, she decided that she would place the baby with the adoptive couple on Saturday. The placement was sweet. Ashley invited her 4 siblings and mother to be present. They spent 2 hours visiting and then went to get something to eat before saying goodbye.

On Sunday afternoon, Ashley called to tell me she was so lonely and wanted her baby back. She was struggling with big feelings of emptiness and being alone at the house. She decided that she could wait until the next day to make any decisions.

When I talked to Ashley on Monday, she asked if she could visit with the adoptive couple again. She thought she needed a little more time to get to know them. The arrangements were made and Ashley was soon visiting with her “couple” again. They spent 3 hours together (Ashley, couple, baby). The focus, this time, was all about Ashley. Typically, Ashley is the one taking care of everyone. This time, she let her needs be met. After the visit, Ashley was ready to have her parental rights terminated. She said, “I am so blessed to have the best adoptive couple in the world”. Ashley’s couple loves her enough to take care of her needs. It was beautiful to see. As of today, she continues to heal.

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