Thursday, May 7, 2009

MY ADD (attention deficiet) LIFE

Monday, March 06, 2006

I was visiting with my neighbor, Karen—actually, I went over to her home to get some help with a jewelry making project. I like rocks, all kinds. I collect them from the beach and from the store. I am not a big fan of jewelry until recently when I discovered that rocks could be made into jewelry. I had such a rock and needed help converting it into something that would hang around my neck. Karen is talented in areas that I have not discovered my talents--one being jewelry making.

As she was making my jewelry, we were chatting about having so many interests and not having enough time. She laughed and said, “It is like having an ADD life”. (ADD, as in attention deficient disorder or hyperactivity or in our case, hyper-interests.) We both agreed that we were grateful to have so many interests, some that we have not even discovered, because these interests keep life fun and full of discovery.

I noticed at the Bead Store, a beautiful rock hanging around someone’s neck. This rock was wrapped with silver to make something that I knew my rocks would be beautiful in. And, I was in luck---there was a class on this jewelry making Oh, dear! Could it be another interest? I decided to let my mind consider the idea before jumping into another way to spend money and time. I even sorted through my rock, looking for the ones that would look beautiful wrapped in such a way and pondered what else I might do with my gems. So far I haven’t “registered” to become a budding “rock embellisher”, but you can watch for me on QVC.

I think that people are a little like rocks. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are polished, some are cracked. I choose to look for the beauty in each individual rock. A rock might look like a simple stone and perhaps that is all it is. Even a simple stone can be something special or serve a purpose. Maybe when it is cracked open or polished, who knows what will be inside? Life has a way to crack us and polish us. Shall we look inside?

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