Wednesday, May 13, 2009


For the past few months, I (Tawnia) have been working with an intern (Tara).
We call ourselves the TA TA GIRLS.

Through all the stress of the work, we enjoy each other.
We both have a passion to connect, help, support, and give a voice to Birth Mothers.
I have a blog---Birth Mother Heroes, which is where I share some of my experience as a "birth parent worker" at LDS Family Services.

Tara placed a child about 7 years ago.
She is developing a web page for birth moms.
The plan also includes girl talking through the Internet to find personal support and sharing information.

I have long felt that Birth Moms are the "un-sung hero".
I want to give attention to the "giver" (birth mom), not the "receiver" (adoptive couple) or the "gift" (baby).
It is easy to love the baby as the new parents are gifted.
It is difficult to sacrifice what you love for reasons not easily understood to others and move forward in life.

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