Wednesday, March 18, 2009


For the past 2 weeks, I have had a birth mom telling me that "it will all work out". The baby has been born and the birth father has not cooperated. He has been sneaky, lied, threatened and overall DIFFICULT. I have never made so many phone calls to various parties: adoptive couple, case workers, attorneys, family members, and various agency supervisors. Although I "love" my birth mom, I understand the opposing parties in the attempt to block the adoption process.

The head office had decided to stop their involvement with the case on Monday. Birth Mom and Adoptive Mom asked that I hand one a little longer. Today, BM called to tell me that she had a conversation with birth father. Way to go girl. Birth Mom has grown stronger and stronger as she has dealt with someone that she has considered abusive and controlling. She told his how is was going to be and did let him manipulate her as he has in the past. She maintained her focus on the topic at hand.

Once she informed me of the phone conversation, I immediately called SLC to see if we would become active in the case and work towards terminating parental right. Birth mom's belief that "all would work out" never wavered. Other things in her life has also come together at this time. It seems pretty amazing to me and I am just a by-stander.