Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dr. Phill Show

Emmy called me yesterday and told me that she had been checking daily on various television show web sites to see who was asking about ADOPTION. She said she had sent many emails and even some hand written letters. Saturday, Halloween, she was called by the Dr. Phil show. They told her they were interested in her adoption story and they wanted to see photos.


She called to tell me and said she would bring me along if she made it to the show.


Maybe we can all go..............

In my enthusiasm today, I was searching other web pages and blog sites. I am going to attempt to update my blog and connect to other helpful resources. I think I need to create a "button" so my blog is "fancy" too.


I heard from a co-worker today that


was a good source to search as an adopted or as an adoptee.

I believe it is free and there is no age requirement. I think each part just need to be searching.