Saturday, June 27, 2009


Last week, a birth mother was referred to the agency through the missionaries who called the Relief Society President. She has a 2 month old child and was concerned for his safety due to struggle with birth father. She felt it was best to place baby for adoption, as she had planned previously. She came into the office on Wednesday and allowed someone to care for the baby over night while she made a decision about the adoptive couple she would choose. It didn't take her long to find someone she thought would be the "best" for her son. I had to laugh a little when she said she "wasn't very good at making decisions" because she made this decision fairly easily. She knew exactly what she wanted for her son: safety, someone that would love him and want him, a couple that wanted children but couldn't have them. Mostly, she wanted her son to be happy.

She met the chosen adoptive couple the next day. I was impressed with the bond that they developed quickly. Birth mom's story was sad and it thrilled me to see someone reach out to her and support her. The Relief Society president has also been wonderful.

After the visit, birth mom asked the couple to take baby home. Knowing that they might not be able to keep this little boy, they were glad to take him and care for him until it can be determined if parental rights can be terminated.

The couple send email and picture frequently to birth mom. They said I could share. They said that this little boy has changed their life and they would gladly care for him, even if they are not able to keep him.

Birth mom with gift quilt

Couple with Baby