Sunday, May 17, 2009



Today I met with Lisa and her chosen adoptive couple to do placement. Due to distance, I had not met either party prior to this day. There was some apprehension because birth father had showed up and wanted involvement in the last few weeks of the pregnancy. Although he said he was going to cooperate with adoption, there was still a concern from birth mom that he might try to disrupt her plans for the adoption.

After meeting with birth mom and adoptive couple, we did the official “placement”. Baby was a star at this time by pooping his pants about 3 times in 30 min. Apparently he had been saving up. We all knew that the birth father would be arriving soon, so we decided that they would leave so that they did not bump into each other in departure/arrival. Just as they left my hotel room, the birth father called saying that he was down stairs. I had a brief feeling of panic that they would all collide in the hall way. Lucky for all of us, he came up a different entrance and they missed each other.

During my meeting with birth father, he said he would like to meet “his baby” before he signed. I called the adoptive couple and they agreed to return with baby to meet the birth father. When everyone arrived, I was impressed with the birth father’s tender response in hugging birth mom. He was tearful in meeting the couple and baby. We all visited a short time before he was ready to sign the legal consent. We continued to visit and share information. It was a sweet experience and will bring peace to all parties for the opportunity to meet.

Previously, the adoptive dad told me that their first son was only 19 months old. They had just completed their Adoption Study and were on the “beta” web site. The mom was concerned that their profile would not be seen unless they got onto the “old” web site. They went thru the hassle of getting onto the site and had 2 hits on the same day—both from my birth moms. They were chosen by Lisa. They felt that the Lord led them to each other. They also had picked the same name for “their child”. How cool is that?

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