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Saturday, March 18, 2006

I recently attended a class called “Transforming the Difficult Child”. I enjoyed the instructor, but didn’t learn much because he taught what I already believed. I did get a few “gems”. Basically, he taught—be positive with children:
1. give frequent, positive feedback, being clear and specific rather than just saying “good job”
2. spend time with children in a positive way
3. use rewards over punishment or “take away”
4. if time out is needed, make it short (a minute)
5. don’t engage in power struggles
6. make the explanation clear to “earn rewards”
7. make the expectations for behavior clear

This program can help children of all ages—even adults. I think most of us do better with positive feedback and knowledge of the expectations.

Another point he made was regarding a child’s “intensity”. I liked this idea. People are different and so are children. We are all going about our journey in the best way we know how, trying to get out needs meet. We all have different needs and different ways of doing our journey. I decided I want to be someone that can help others manage their intensity in such a way that they are able to accomplish their life’s missions. We are all going somewhere and we can all use support. Our “intensity” if part of our “gifts” and learning to manage our “intensity” helps us grow stronger.

Transforming the Difficult Child is a book. The speaker/author claims his ideas even works with ADD children.

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