Sunday, September 27, 2009

Group picture of some of the girls at
2009 Birth Mother Retreat
at Zions Camp.
There are more photos on Birthmother Seattle on FaceBook.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Name has been changed-----

On the Tuesday following the retreat, I received a phone call from a birth mom that I worked with 18 years ago. I remember her and she remembers me and told me that she had thought of me often throughout the years. (that was a positive thing) What stands out for about this woman was when she said, "I just don't think I can do it", meaning live through placing her child for adoption. I was surprised when she chose to place. And, she did live through it.

She had another support woman in her life and had not kept in touch with me. Now that her daughter that she placed had turned 18 years old, she called me to tell me she was thinking of me and just wondering if I knew anything. I told her about the retreat and how I would love her support in the "work" that we all hope to do. She was so excited. With an email to another office, she will now be trained to do adoption presentations and work with birth mothers in her area. She said, this was her dream come true-------to "give back". Funny, I already thought she had given. I am also thrilled to reconnect to a woman from my past work and to know that she will have much to offer others.

We hope to connect at the upcoming FSA Conference in Portland in November.


September 11 - 13, 2009

I arrived at camp a little late because I was coordinating picking up at the airport, packing, making brownies and transporting people. I must say, it was fun from the start and the brownies came in handy on the drive to camp. Upon arrive, we unpacked and started visiting. We had a total of 15 women join this retreat. People were talking past 2 a.m., which is when I finally passed out.

The next day, besides eating, we did some self exploration activities which ended in each of of waving out paper in the air and calling out----"teacher, what does this mean". Cute. We "self explored" several times during our stay.

We also enjoyed the lake, that is until someone polluted it by sweeping geese poop into the water. Not everyone came prepared with a swim suit. Those who did not, enjoyed swimming in our clothing. I just say, getting out of a lake wearing jeans is heavy work. I enjoyed a few jumps on the lifeguard seat until I was told it was "against the rules".

Before leaving camp, we all met to share our closing remarks about our stay. One shared that she had been "praying for friends" and know felt that she had many many new friends. The healing from attending and connecting was great. Another pregnant shared that she now felt that she would be able to place for adoption because she could see that others had done so and survived.
I had been joined by a friend that was there to help do some presentations. In the closing moments she thanked the girls for letting her share in the retreat and expressed interest in joining whenever she was invited and could attend. She honored them for who there were and appreciated their sacrifices. She told the girls, "I think this is what (the connecting and sharing and sisterhood) is what Relief Society if supposed to be like." I agreed and told them to go forth to grow and share with others.

Yes, it was a fun time. It was also, I hope, the beginning of more healing and taking forth a positive message about adoption. I asked the girls to share in the work that I hope to take forward with their help. There are plenty to "get on board" now.

I look forward to next year, more fun and to see what we can accomplish in the next year.

Monday, September 7, 2009


The second Birth Mom Retreat is scheduled for September 11 - 13 at Zion's Camp. We will be meeting there around 7 p.m. I look forward to lots of fun, sharing and connecting. We will paddle boat, journal, walk, eat, talk and more.

I just got a call today from Beth telling me that she and Nicole would be coming. Hooray. Two more to share the fun.

Tara will be teaching a class on personal growth. Julie A. will be doing "Malory Drawing" for personal insight. Sunday, we hope to top of the weekend with personal growth.

Thanks to the internet which includes blogs, web site and facebook, Tara and I are expanding our outreach to girls from as far back as my beginnings at LDS FS. If Aubrie comes, that would be my second birth mom I ever worked with. Tara has even connected to women that did not work with the agency, but wants to participate in the support.

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