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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

As mentioned yesterday, I like rocks. So did my father. When he was middle aged, he would bring home jumbo rocks to put in the yard. Sometimes he would gather small rocks, stack ‘em, glue ‘em together in 2’s or 3’s and give his creation to a grandchild. The family would laugh at my dad for his “thing with rocks”.

Here I am, years later, realizing I also have a “thing with rocks.” I even found a rock to represent me. I found it in my mind first. I was doing visualization for personal growth and saw a rock. I later went to the Black Market Mineral Store to find my visual metaphor. It was a ¼ of a geode that was cut and polished on 2 sides. The outer crust was rough, almost ugly if that is all one saw. Cut open, inside were many, many clear crystals with shades of blue closer to the outer edge. I saw the multi-facets inside my rock as the many parts within me. This rock reminds me to see my many parts as well as embrace my inner beauty.

My point---we are multi-faceted. We are complex. Look inside and find what is good about you. I gave up self criticism long ago and decided to look for what is good about me.

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