Friday, October 23, 2009


I worte this almost a year ago and never posted it...........

Tara and I are hoping that she can get the Web page for birth moms up and going soon. It seems that other work matters take too much of our time. She has some great ideas and lots of resources to help girls. We are excited about the possibilities. I went through my old phone numbers and I am having someone call past birth moms to ask for email addresses. This is exciting to me, to reconnect to some of the girls. During this process, I am getting phone calls from girls, wanting to reconnect. In fact, Alisse called me today saying that she had a strong feeling that she needed to call me and wanted to offer her help in any way that I might need help for other birth moms. Exciting! She is even going to come to group. for back to present time.......We have been busy this year reworking the birth parent program. The web page is moving along. My goal has been to get what "I do" all down on paper in an organized manner, so other people would know how to help and what to do. I am surprised at how long it has taken, but pleased to see the project come about. Along with the organizing, we have created various check-lists and continued to find more resources for birth moms. We have been reading books. We are doing classes for adopting couples.

Today, we had a secretary training so that they can become more efficient in the adoption area as well. Time savers gives me more hands-on time.


One afternoon, the secretary came to my office telling me my appointment was here. I was concerned because I didn’t have an appointment that I knew about and was afraid I double booked or something. I went to peer into the waiting room and saw that it was a past birth mom from 2 years ago. I greeted her and asked her into my office. I was surprised because about 2 years ago, this birth mom had been rude and the office had been through a big conflict with her and the birth father.

She greeted me and said she wanted to return to group. She asked me if I could help her place her baby (now 2 years old) for adoption with the couple she had picked before. She and her child had maintained contact with this couple. She said she was too young to understand all there was to parenting. She was sorry for what she had done and she wanted a better life for her daughter now.

Now, you can all think what you want. I was just pleased that she felt safe enough to return to the office to talk to me. I told her I would do what I could to help her.

After many months, her child was officially adopted by the original couple. I consider this a miracle.