Friday, January 23, 2009


Tara shared this with me...........

"When the Japanese mend broken objects,
they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold.
They believe that when some thing's suffered damage
and has a history
it becomes more beautiful."

Barbara Bloom

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anchorage Group

North Pole Sunset

Despite "icy" road conditions (are they ever not icy in Anchorage in the winter?), we had our first Anchorage group. Present were Teresa (agency volunteer), Loo Loo (she's going to be the group leader), 1 pregnant girl and 2 previous placers. I asked the placers to tell their stories.

Sariah shared that he had placed a few weeks before Christmas and she was doing okay with her decision. Night time is sometimes hard. She had a HARD time the second might away from baby.

Sarah tearfully shared her emotional story that happened 7 years ago in Anchorage. We both remember it well. She is now married to the birth father and they have 4 other children. She was tearful when she shared--she just had her 5th child 4 days ago. She has since visited with her adoptive couple and her first daughter. She said it was so cool to see her so happy with her parents that could provide for her needs. Her dad bought a convertible so he could take her for rides and feel the wind on her face.

There was one pregnant girl, due in a few weeks. She says she "knows what she should do" but is in an abusive relationship and just can't get herself to leave the birth father. My goal, I told her, was to focus on her making healthy and safe choices for herself so that she could protect her child. I told her that the guy would not change just because there was a child. I think she heard my word, but doesn't plan to make any changes. Difficult decisions.

Rebecca wasn't able to attend group because she was in the hospital for high blood pressure. We missed her. I hope that Sarah and Rebecca can meet each other. Rebecca plans to marry her birth father/boy friend. They have had a spiritual experience as they have gone through the decision process. Baby will probably deliver early and be here soon.

They plan to hold group again in a week. Hope things go well.


Whoops, I got-cha Tara

Last Friday, we had group. Unusual day, but it was a chance to see Tara and meet some new girls. We had 2 new pregnant gals--one brought her mom and sister. Sister painted temp. tatoos on tummy, feet and hands. Fun and beautiful. I forgot to make bread, so after 90 minutes, we called group "over". I was getting ready to go home, when some of the "oldie" group attendees decided to get something to eat.

My hands--like the "short one"??

Ambrielle with the Artist Elena

We ended up at Taco Time where we ate, visited, laughed and enjoyed. I was the target of playful teasing when we decided to text someone that didn't attend. First I couldn't find my glasses. Next I couldn't find my cell phone. (too many things in a big purse) Then I couldn't get my phone too text my name. Well.........the girls are all done texting and I am just getting going. They got a kick out of me and I thought I was doing good. I didn't know I was so far behind because I had my head down.

When we were preparing to leave, I was still at the table visiting while 4 of the girls where up by the ordering area, waiting for me (AGAIN!) The servers had been friendly and the girls were talking to them. It was late and not too busy. One of the workers asked, "what are you girls doing". The response was, "We are Birth Mom Support group and we have placed a child." The Manager of Taco Time said, "Far out! Next time you come, 10% off". We cheered-----2 reasons:

1. We like the discount and will return. (It is my favorite place for the ice in a drink.)
2. They supported the Adoption Decision.

Thank you Renton Taco Time on Rainier!

Taco Time Group

Monday, January 12, 2009


The frost on the trees in beautiful!

I am in Fairbanks ( 20 below) today and Anchorage tomorrow. I met with 2 currently pregnant women and with a woman that placed her son 3 years ago. We had our.......

first birth mom group in Fairbanks

......tonight. We met in my hotel room and visited for about 90 minutes. It was great to connect, ask questions and share.

We scheduled for 4 weeks out. I probably won't be here, but they will enjoy pizza and support with each other.

Tomorrow night, I will have group again in Anchorage with different girls.

My hope this year is to strengthen the support to girls throughout the world that have placed for adoption. I hope to help promote to others, the strength of the women I have worked with and other women that have "made adoption possible".

Ice Sculpture