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Friday, March 19, 2006

Over the years, I have not been a fan of writing. I thought about writing a book, even started, but let it drop because my thoughts and ideas are so “random”. You are probably wondering why I Blog. Well, I decided that I did HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY and wanted to share with others.

Now that I realize that I have something to say, some of my ideas have shown up in print under another writer’s name. I am not insinuating that someone stole my ideas, just that someone printed their idea and it was an idea I already had.One such idea was in a church magazine. I’ll share my version with you. I have shared this idea in counseling sessions, but never put it into print. The author of the article was a therapist.

I believe I existed prior to my birth on earth. Although I don’t remember that pre-life, I think that some part of my being does. I can imagine feeling so “perfectly loved” by my Heavenly Father, that when I came to earth, I began searching for that same “perfect love”. No matter how wonderful my parents might be, they cannot compare to what I must have felt from my Heavenly Father, and so I search. Nothing can fill that void except a reconnection through a spiritual relationship with God. Some people turn to food, gambling, shopping, chocolate, sex, pornography…..Nothing will replace that “perfect love”. I have come to realize that I have so much more capabilities as I build a close relationship to my God. I also have more ability to help and inspire other people towards their positive goals.

Finding that “perfect love” comes from talking with Him. Get to know Him and share your joy, pain, struggle, success….with Him. Take the time to find Him and as you do, you will find yourself and a love far greater that any “boy” can give you. Good luck. Enjoy the journey. You will discover how fascinating you are and that you are indeed “loveable”.

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