Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sharing her Talents

Referring back to the entry "My Past Returns"......

A past birth mom came to the office and did a photography session with baby, birth mom and her parents. It was a wonderful touch to a difficult day. The photographer sent a CD full of photos to birth mom.

I you have talents to share, let me know.

We have 2 birth mom photographers---at 2 different ends of the office. They are willing to go to the hospital or placement. I hope this is a positive support to future girls.


Tara and I met with 3 other birth moms to plan for 2010. Our goal is to reach out to past birth moms and get them involved. We will be having group twice a month and an Adoption Education class once a month. We also hope to have a "create day" where those interested can come to the office to sew, craft, scrap or make anything of interested (within reason) once a month. We have a scrap book that girls can add a page with their story/photos if they want.

We plan to have a Birth Mom quilt (one a year) and will display them in the hallways. We want girls to add their "talents" to the hallway also.

My hope is that girls will stand tall
as they come together to create healing and help the girls of the future.
We are changing the ways of adoption.
Please join us.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Book Review

I read this book over the holidays. It was written by a woman that place a baby over 20 years ago and the pain that she experienced due to that decision. I did not enjoy it much because it seemed that there was more pain and now growth/learning.

I realize that not every person grows through adoption. I also know that things have changed greatly over the last 20 years. I hope that the change brings healing to pain.

I also read Because I Loved You. I loved this book. The author placed over 20 years ago. She was in h er 20's when she discovered she was pregnant. The chapters switch from "her story" to "what to do is you find yourself pregnant". She doesn't advocate that everyone choose adoption as she did, she just makes suggestions on how to get through the process. She even shares how she met her son when he was 12 years old.

I am currently reading this one. This woman placed many years ago and still struggles. This book explains her struggle as an adult--dealing with her decision and hoping to meet the child she placed.

This book was recommended to my by Tara. It is an EXCELLENT book to deal with any type of grief issues.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Yesterday I was rushing around in the car (safely) to prepare for placement. As I was driving, I received a phone call. It was from a past birth mom that had recently just reconnected to me. We were trying to talk on the phone and get together to visit. It had been 17 years. She had mentioned that she wanted to do something to "give back" to birth moms. That morning she kept feeling prompted to call and offer help by taking photos for birth moms/babies.

I told her that very day we were doing a placement. She offered to come. After many phone calls and mini-miracle, she was able to get to the office to take photos for birth mom and her family. It was a nice touch for the birth mom who will receive a CD of professional photos. It was also good for the one that "served" the other.

I am thrilled to be "found" by my past girls. I love that they want to reach out to each other.