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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

“K” has a boyfriend that she “loves” but doesn’t want to marry. He has been her “best friend” for year and wants to be with her. Being pregnant helped her to realize that continuing to stay in this relationship was not going to take her where she wanted to go in life. Her boyfriend is a hard worker in an apprentice training position. He earns good money. He also continues to smoke pot and hang out with his friends. She decided it was time for her to grow-up and move on.

She expressed gratitude for being pregnant even though it was going to be hard to place her child for adoption. If she keeps the baby, she knows she would always be involved with the birth father and she doesn’t want that. She realizes it is time for her to move towards her “life goals”—do things that will get her what she really wants in life and be with people who are going the direction she wants to go. She has reconnected to family for support to help her through this time.

In group, we talked about the positive side of being pregnant, not married and considering adoption. Some girls have drawn closer to parents and siblings. It is a time to consider where one is going with her life and make new choices.

Going through this process often strengthens the spiritual core—with struggle comes growth. This is often a time of reflection and growing up. A girl might ponder about “what really matters” or “what do I want”. A great time to do some Journaling. The sacrifice of placing a child for adoption can also be a time of recognizing one’s worth in new ways. Sacrifice is strengthening .
Sacrificing also builds confidence to know that when you are faced with something difficult and you were able to meet the challenge—thinking beyond your own emotional need to the needs of your child and placing your baby for adoption.

Can you see why Birth Mothers are HEROES?

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