Thursday, April 30, 2009


My first visit with Emmy included the birth father, which doesn't happen often. Emmy and Aron were in their 20's and had certain ideas of what they wanted. When I heard what they wanted in an adoptive couple, I was skeptical. Little did I know we would find such a couple within our office limits.

Emmy and Aron were fun to deal with. They both kept me laughing. She still keeps in touch with me and gives me a hard time, especially about my voice message greeting.

Emmy didn't share in "Her Story" (see the following day) that she is remarried and hopes to gain custody of her first 2 children. She also plans to go to school to be an Interpreter. She continues to receive letter/pictures each year from her adoptive mom.

Emmy was happy to share her "story" with you. I hope you find it helpful. As hard as placing her child was, she did what she thought/felt was right for her daughter. She is my hero.

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