Friday, December 25, 2009

Search and Find

In the last few months, I had 2 birth moms that did not know each other find the child they placed. The 2 "found" children are siblings. The birth moms found them by searching through facebook with limited information they deducted through the years. I became a part of the "finding" when the adoptive mom asked for proof of their identity, which lead to me.

Many good things have happened through this:

1. Aubrie and Emily have "found" a loved one. I believe it has been scary, difficult and amazing. The "finding" is new, but at this time, they communicate through email and facebook. The children are 17 and 19 years old and had some adjusting to do in this addition in their life. The most joyous thing for birth moms: the child appreciated birth mom for placing and their child was well and happy. (Birth moms are on my facebook account.)

2. The adoptive mom learned more about what it is like for a birth mom to place a child. Hooray and thanks for sharing. This will be shared in another blog.

3. I have a little more contact with "my girls" when exciting things happen.

4. Over the 20 years of working in birth parent services, I have seen changes and hope for continued education and growth. I expect 2010 will bring many changes and perhaps more "findings".

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