Friday, December 25, 2009


Tara and Tawnia
The Ta Ta Girls

I was given a new responsibility at work. I am now the Adoption Manager, which means I will supervise all adoption services for LDS Family Services. The change started in April 2009. With the help of Tara, we have reorganized our program and materials for birth parents. We laugh when we get together and have a good time. Sometimes we take road trips for work and talk our heads off with ideas of something new to do for the girls. Some of our new ideas include making a birth mom quilt each year with each birth mom making a block; involving FSA more for support; give each girl a binder to “personalize” and keep her important information in as well as help with the grief process. We are including with moms on the FSA board and in helping with the changes.

We hope to bring the same enthusiasm to the adoptive couple work in 2010. Tara and I have been reading and preparing classes to educate the adoptive couples on what a birth mother is experiencing. We plan to launch that in January.

Something else I have notice this year is more phone calls for people searching or wanting information. We cannot give out identifying information at the office, but the people are directed to WARM of In this age of computerized information, more and more people and reaching out for more to find or be found

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