Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh no, now what?

Last month I received a phone call from a past birth mom. she didn't expect me to remember her-------but I did. I asked her name. NO, not that one, your maiden name. Once she said it, I recalled my experience with her. Some of my girls, I have limited contact with but I still remembered Sheri from trying to find a family for her child with limited time and a difficult birth father. She found that family and placed her child. She was surprised I remembered her. (I have come to realize that birth moms often feel they are insignificant in this process and deserve nothing for their sacrifice.)

Her call was prompted from another birth mom that I had experience with several years ago. This birth mom placed through a different state (LDS FS) and was referred to me for reunification counseling. Her child had wanted to meet her and the law required (Texas) that they each have counseling prior to the meeting. During our "counseling time", we briefly became acquainted and she helped me work with another birth mom in her area.

This same birth mom (in paragraph #2) became acquainted with birth mom Shari. Not knowing the full story, Shari was concerned that her 17 yr. old child would suddenly come into her life and didn't feel prepared for any surprises. She is now a mother of 2 children and happily married for 13 years. She runs a day care in her home. Shari recalled that some time ago she felt worried about her child and contacted me. At that time, the couple was applying to re-adopt, so I was aware that her child was doing well. She appreciated that information and no longer worried. She told me that all that mattered to her was that her child had a good live and knew where he came from. Sometimes a little information bring much peace.

Thanks for calling!

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