Friday, December 25, 2009


A previous entry was title “Clara”. In reality, the name is Caprice. She has given me permission to use her name. Since the entry 9/20, Caprice and I were able to meet up again at the FSA conference in Portland. It was so good to see her, even if it was briefly. After our first phone call, she connected to my blog and discovered that her placed daughter was also connected to my blog. Her daughter, MeMe had come to me as part of her senior project to be a positive voice for adoption. MeMe met some of my current birth moms and spoke last year at an FSA event. She created a blog for her senior project and I added it to my Birth Mom blog. Caprice was surprised when she put 2+2 together and realized this young girl was daughter she placed 19 years ago.

Caprice was planning to attend FSA so we could meet in person again. She called about a month prior to let me know that he MeMe had been asked to speak at the FSA conference. Oh, my gosh! Thank goodness Caprice is a prayerful woman. She decided to attend, but be invisible at the conference so that her daughter would not meet her.

Several days after the conference, Meme called to let me know that she would be interesting in meeting her birth mother someday. Caprice had prepared a letter for such a day and I passed that letter on to the family. Before too long, they were exchanging words and hope to meet in person on the daughter’s birthday.

Caprice hopes to be an Outreach Specialist in her stake in Oregon. We were so glad to see each other again. There are happy and sad points to this story---all of which I hope come out in a book someday. I hope to help share the experiences that birth mothers’ have had in the adoption world. Due to some inaccurate shared information, Caprice and I lost contact for many years, but now look forward to staying connected.

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