Monday, January 12, 2009


The frost on the trees in beautiful!

I am in Fairbanks ( 20 below) today and Anchorage tomorrow. I met with 2 currently pregnant women and with a woman that placed her son 3 years ago. We had our.......

first birth mom group in Fairbanks

......tonight. We met in my hotel room and visited for about 90 minutes. It was great to connect, ask questions and share.

We scheduled for 4 weeks out. I probably won't be here, but they will enjoy pizza and support with each other.

Tomorrow night, I will have group again in Anchorage with different girls.

My hope this year is to strengthen the support to girls throughout the world that have placed for adoption. I hope to help promote to others, the strength of the women I have worked with and other women that have "made adoption possible".

Ice Sculpture

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