Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Whoops, I got-cha Tara

Last Friday, we had group. Unusual day, but it was a chance to see Tara and meet some new girls. We had 2 new pregnant gals--one brought her mom and sister. Sister painted temp. tatoos on tummy, feet and hands. Fun and beautiful. I forgot to make bread, so after 90 minutes, we called group "over". I was getting ready to go home, when some of the "oldie" group attendees decided to get something to eat.

My hands--like the "short one"??

Ambrielle with the Artist Elena

We ended up at Taco Time where we ate, visited, laughed and enjoyed. I was the target of playful teasing when we decided to text someone that didn't attend. First I couldn't find my glasses. Next I couldn't find my cell phone. (too many things in a big purse) Then I couldn't get my phone too text my name. Well.........the girls are all done texting and I am just getting going. They got a kick out of me and I thought I was doing good. I didn't know I was so far behind because I had my head down.

When we were preparing to leave, I was still at the table visiting while 4 of the girls where up by the ordering area, waiting for me (AGAIN!) The servers had been friendly and the girls were talking to them. It was late and not too busy. One of the workers asked, "what are you girls doing". The response was, "We are Birth Mom Support group and we have placed a child." The Manager of Taco Time said, "Far out! Next time you come, 10% off". We cheered-----2 reasons:

1. We like the discount and will return. (It is my favorite place for the ice in a drink.)
2. They supported the Adoption Decision.

Thank you Renton Taco Time on Rainier!

Taco Time Group

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