Sunday, May 16, 2010


Saturday before Mother's Day, we celebrated Birthmother Day at our office. We had 22 birthmoms attend and a few support people. FSA decorated the conference room and prepared plenty of food. We enjoyed ham, egg casseroles, muffins, salad and fruit. Tara prepared a beautiful program with a circle of butterflies on front. (We will use this theme again for Birthmother Retreat). We shared a butterfly poem and another reading. Each girl that chose to shared a little of her experience. We had other activities planned, but the socializing seemed to be the most important activity. Visiting with other birthmothers is supportive and healing.

FSA also gave each girl a pair of earrings they made the night before and a little jar containing tiny rocks with a leaf on the lid. The decorations were earthy, like a spa setting. Thanks to the efforts of so many people, it was lovely.

Towards the end, Tara had a slide show of pictures girls had shared, set to music. We then lit a candle to commemorate our unity and strength. Tara had also written on shinny, black rocks "Birthmothers are Heroes" for each girl attending. I can't say enough about all that Tara does to make the birthmother program even better.

Denise and Pam helped with decorations, food, serving and support. Denise had not attended such an event and said it was so wonderful for her to be in attendance and see so many girls that have placed a baby for adoption. She already knew that the pain does not go away and was awed to see the gathering of these women for support and bonding.

This is the second Birthmother day in our office. We look forward to another in 2011.

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  1. sounds amazing, i hope i can attend next year! you guys are so great at supporting the local birthmothers!!