Sunday, April 4, 2010


I read an article in Reader's Digest called "Life is better with a gratitude attitude". The author decided to be aware of expressing gratitude for a month. I think that making a decision to change/add a behavior is the best way to start---making the decision. Of course, one would need to follow-up and do something to activate the decision. There are rewards in having a "gratitude attitude". Not only does one uplift another when sharing gratitude, the expresser also feels better for focusing on what is positive.

3 Easy Ways to "Tune up your Tude"

1. Visualize it--make a poster (a positive example to others)
leave post-it notes on the gratitude tree (on the refrigerator)

2. Ask:
What have I received from ___________?
What have I given ____________?
What troubles have I caused __________?
In other words---think about the "other" instead of yourself.

3. Pick a day a week to focus on Gratitude.


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