Sunday, April 18, 2010


Thanks to my daughter, I was able to hook my blog up to my facebook account. I hope that is not too distracting to people. I thought perhaps I could get some "readers".

Tara and I have been working on the BirthMother Binder to be given girls new to the program. Tara has done most of the work----I just "stupervise". We are excited to have it completed.

We also bought some supplies for the new "birthmother" wall that we hope to have complete before BirthMother day.
Calling all girls----we are hoping to display your talents on the wall
We will also be adding out first quilt, once it is finished. We will be doing a little painting as well. Tara and I hope to find some interest in creating the decor.

When Tara and I work together, we seem to get more ideas than we know what to do with. Tara brought in a note pad that said Brilliant Ideas. I keep it on my desk so we can write down some of our future intentions.

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