Monday, February 1, 2010


We launched the High School Adoption Outreach power point tonight also. We had 4 birth moms and the FSA Regional Chair and the local FSA co-chairs. We even had a Stake Specialists who said she came to see if she wanted to share it in her stake. What a great idea. After viewing the power point, we discussed how to move forward. I think this will take off and I hope it makes a big different as it is a positive voice for Adoption.

I am going to offer the power point to the Stake Specialists to see if they also want to share it in their stakes. I am going to suggest that a senior might want to take on a project and take this into her school district.

Wait and see!


  1. I think this sounds great! I need to find out who our stake specialist is and see if she's interested.
    I want a list of the upcoming adoption education classes, as well.

    Good job Tawnia!

  2. Hey Tawnia,

    If you would ever like my help with any of this don't hesitate to call or to e-mail!

    Melissa Fannin