Monday, February 1, 2010


We launched the High School Adoption Outreach power point tonight also. We had 4 birth moms and the FSA Regional Chair and the local FSA co-chairs. We even had a Stake Specialists who said she came to see if she wanted to share it in her stake. What a great idea. After viewing the power point, we discussed how to move forward. I think this will take off and I hope it makes a big different as it is a positive voice for Adoption.

I am going to offer the power point to the Stake Specialists to see if they also want to share it in their stakes. I am going to suggest that a senior might want to take on a project and take this into her school district.

Wait and see!


  1. I think this sounds great! I need to find out who our stake specialist is and see if she's interested.
    I want a list of the upcoming adoption education classes, as well.

    Good job Tawnia!

  2. Are you a first mother yourself?

  3. Hey Tawnia,

    If you would ever like my help with any of this don't hesitate to call or to e-mail!

    Melissa Fannin