Friday, February 12, 2010


At group last night, Ann and Alise both showed up---both placed about 12 years ago and showed up on the same evening. It was so fun to see them--hugs exchanged. We also had 2 recently delivered birth moms. We talked about working through the grief, getting through the pain of placement which lasts a long time and what helps move one through the healing process.

Alise (came because she wants to get involved again) said that having a goal or a plan would be helpful after placement. She shared some of the struggles she went through since placement. She is now married with 3 children and a supportive husband. She hopes to return to school and get into psychology

As we visited, I asked what they had learned through the experience and if they saw the individual growth through the experience of adoption.

I was excited to hear that several girls plan to go to FSA Conference in SLC (July). They were also excited about becoming moved involved and spreading adoption as a positive option. I get excited when I see that more people will be involved. I look forward to the growth that occurs in 2010. I hope that the high school presentation gets going quickly.

Today I had a conference call with the Chair of the local FSA. We are starting to plan the area FSA Conference (November). It is exciting to see that birth moms will be more involved.

The Adoption Education Hours will continue on a monthly basis. I want to start a "project night" where we meet to work on projects as well as the Birth Mom Quilt. Tara also shared the idea of "meet with a birth mom" where an adoptive couple can get help from a birth mom on their profile. Tara is also working on the birth mom binder which is looking great. She had some wonderful reflective worksheets.

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