Sunday, January 17, 2010


Tara and I met with 3 other birth moms to plan for 2010. Our goal is to reach out to past birth moms and get them involved. We will be having group twice a month and an Adoption Education class once a month. We also hope to have a "create day" where those interested can come to the office to sew, craft, scrap or make anything of interested (within reason) once a month. We have a scrap book that girls can add a page with their story/photos if they want.

We plan to have a Birth Mom quilt (one a year) and will display them in the hallways. We want girls to add their "talents" to the hallway also.

My hope is that girls will stand tall
as they come together to create healing and help the girls of the future.
We are changing the ways of adoption.
Please join us.

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