Thursday, December 25, 2008


Christmas Day 2008
I have been meaning to "start over" for some time. (My blog that is.) I created my "first" Birth Mother Horoes Blog several years ago. As time passed, I really got into blogging and started more blogs for personal resons. In the process, all my blogs got confussed and some were lost. I could find my Birth Mother Heroes blog, but couldn't log-in. Finally, I decided to start a new blog and call it PART II. I will also try to import the first blog or at least create a link. This way I can continue with what I started.

SO, once again.......
to a blog that honors the girls I work with,
the lives I come in contact with through my experience,
to the ones I might never meet, but learn of through the internet.
My hope is to reach out to more birth moms (recent and long ago)and help these women connect to others. Together we can create a great organizaion of strength, support, knowlege, hertiage, and more. I will try to be better at posting more often.
Adoption would not happen with out
Birth Mother Heroes
To view my "first" birth mother blog, click on

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