Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Party


On Christmas Eve, I went to a party a friend's home. Much to my surprise, I was greeted by Kate who I had not seen since she served as an intern for me several years ago. She has since completed her bachelors in social work and worked for LDS Family Services in Salt Lake City for a few years. We were "taking shop" and catching up. Much to my surprise, she said that she "loved birth mother work". I think it takes a special person to do this. Kate said that her favorite part was helping girls (birth moms). I agreed.

I shared with her my desire to reach out to more girls. I told her that I wanted to start an organization that was for birth moms that have placed. I wanted to have money to help girls go forward in life and heal, maybe even go to school. I wanted to create an organization to do all the things I wanted to help these girls. She agreed. So, I told her she needed to find out a way to do that. She informed me that she was not creative in business--just as I was not. I have thought of writing a grant, but have not taken action on that. I decided that if I continue to talk about the idea, maybe someone will help it "explode" into reality.

So to all those that read--------pass the word. I/We want to build a organization for

All Birth Moms

that want to be a part of this organization that provide support to other girls.
You are not alone.

Taken at the Salt Lake Temple grounds. Joseph and Mary are floating on the relection pool. Remember that Jesus was also adopted by Joseph. Adoption has been around for many years.

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