Monday, September 7, 2009


The second Birth Mom Retreat is scheduled for September 11 - 13 at Zion's Camp. We will be meeting there around 7 p.m. I look forward to lots of fun, sharing and connecting. We will paddle boat, journal, walk, eat, talk and more.

I just got a call today from Beth telling me that she and Nicole would be coming. Hooray. Two more to share the fun.

Tara will be teaching a class on personal growth. Julie A. will be doing "Malory Drawing" for personal insight. Sunday, we hope to top of the weekend with personal growth.

Thanks to the internet which includes blogs, web site and facebook, Tara and I are expanding our outreach to girls from as far back as my beginnings at LDS FS. If Aubrie comes, that would be my second birth mom I ever worked with. Tara has even connected to women that did not work with the agency, but wants to participate in the support.

2008 Retreat

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  1. Hello..I am a birth Mother just trying to reach out. Maby gain some support. I am not sure how this web site works but if anyone reads this could u please Email me?