Monday, November 1, 2010


This weekend, I attended a class with 2 friends and we made Soul Collage Cards. It was a short class and in a forested area with the rain falling. The best part for me was time to process some of my own feelings that were near the surface. I recently had melanoma removed from my face. I also had shingles and a minor car accident---all at the same time. It has been almost 2 weeks from the time of the repair and about 4 weeks from the first removal and living with an open wound for 2 weeks.

My first picture depicted a "strong young woman" that was capable of working hard and moving forward with life with a "smile on her face". But when it came time for me to start my card, I was drawn to the picture of two little girls (viewing them from the back), with their arms wrapped around each other and walking. Originally, the picture depicted the importance of friends in my life. However, as I brought several pictures together, I have a card with destruction, the girls stepping ahead with an eagle holding them up and eagles at the top looking out for them. I cried as I put it together and realized this was me working with my birthmoms. I cried for the pain and loss that I know they feel. I also cried knowing that we are not along. I cried for the peace and support I have felt through my personal healing.

During my healing time, someone sent me an email that hit home (my version).

Sometimes the master calms the storm
sometimes the master calms the sailor.


  1. I loved this post and I love you!
    So glad you got to go to this class. See you on Friday!

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